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LINKS - Testimonials
Hear from current LINKS volunteers and teachers using the program


 Volunteer Quotes and Comments


“I have the privilege of working with a number of children. The readers are showing steady progress and enthusiasm and my lunch buddy is doing great this year.”

“Student is responding well and has shown definite improvement in the areas of focus.”

“I had a very positive response. Students were happy, engaged and excited.”

“I work with multiple students. They seem extremely pleased with the attention and help they are getting. Even though they are 7th or 8th graders, they have been quite positive and complimentary about the tutoring help. I enjoy them!”

“It takes them awhile to build trust, but now I see them wanting help with the tutoring in many cases.”

“I see more individual improvement when I work one-on-one with some students who aren't keeping up or need extra help.”

“I had a student inform me he'd never be able to learn to read. I told him

"I believe you can learn". Not only did he start reading he surpassed our expectations and is doing very well in school.”


 Teacher Quotes


“All LINKS volunteers have been well-trained and empathetic. I can’t say enough about this great program.” (Dickenson Elementary)

“Students my volunteers work with are making noticeable improvement” (Eastlake High School)

“My volunteer provided much confidence-boosting and helped my students break apart problems into manageable pieces.” (Mann Elementary)

“Our volunteers help with math, reading and science. They gave on-on-one support that so many student need to learn.” (Juanita Elementary)

“The LINKS volunteer for my student has very much improved his confidence.” (Mead Elementary)

“My volunteer did a great job assisting the class as a total and provided our students with knowledge and care.” (Muir Elementary)

“The student received great support from the LINKS volunteer because he needed someone to just talk to and not work on academics.” (Redmond Elementary)

“The student is better prepared for tutoring sessions and is now retaining key concepts.” ( Evergreen Jr. High)

“This is a great program. It provided a caring nurturing adult for a student in need of attention.” (Counselor at Dickenson Elementary)

“The program has helped one of our students feel more connected in school and with his peers.” (Lake Washington High School)

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