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The New Lake Washington High School
​Changes to building, educational program

Slideshow of the new Lake Washington High School.

Video introduction to the new Lake Washington High School.

 Project Information

Basic Information
Name of School/Project: Lake Washington High School
Address: 12033 NE 80th ST, Kirkland, WA 98033
About the Project
Begin Construction: Spring 2009
Opening/Completion: Fall 2011
Building Size: 224,500 square feet
Site Area:
Construction Cost/Budget:
Funding Source:
General Contractor:


The Lake Washington High School project recently was awarded an “Excellence in Concrete Construction” award in the Architectural/Decorative Concrete Category by the Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association.
View photos showing construction progress as of March, 2011
View construction progress as of October, 2010
Take a look at construction progress as of July, 2010
Final Public Event to be Held in Chapple Gymnasium and Cadle Theatre
The new building is beginning to take shape. Here’s your first look inside the new gym, in progress.
Alumni are invited to join Doug Chapple to celebrate gym’s history before demolition
Aerial and ground views of the construction progress
This PowerPoint introduces the changes for the 2010-2011 school year that will phase in the new educational program for Lake Washington High School. The sophomore class will be divided into “houses” that will stay together for core classes.
The new Lake Washington High School will open in 2011 to a new building and changes in how the educational program works. Research shows that students who have strong connections to least one adult at school, who are challenged in their school work and who find that work relevant are most likely to be successful in school and in life. LWHS teachers have spent the last year researching the best ways to achieve that success. This PowerPoint presentation, given to parents of junior high school students in April, provides information on the educational program changes and the new building.
This report shows the analysis of whether to proceed on this modernization project with a new building or by renovating the old building.

 More About LWHS...

Frequently asked questions on the new educational program and the new building planned for Lake Washington High School
Teachers recommend organizing students into houses,
utilizing interdisciplinary instruction.
How Do I...

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