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Flier Distribution Procedure
Fliers must be from non-profit organizations and have approval from the district to be distributed in schools

The district does not approve fliers between June 23 and August 4.

Lake Washington School District recognizes the important role that nonprofit organizations play in providing educational and cultural programs for district students in non-school hours. To facilitate that communication while at the same time conserving resources, the Community Fliers portion of the district website allows outside organizations to post announcements while providing a limited quantity of paper copies to district schools. In addition to posting the announcement, notification of the announcement will be given to chosen schools for inclusion in parent communications such as newsletters or emails.

To see if your organization qualifies to post materials to this website, please review the approval process information below and then complete the Flier Distribution Request Form. A new application will be required for each flier that your organization wishes to have posted to the website.

Approval Process
Lake Washington School District allows non-profit, charitable, or civic organizations to distribute information to students and families through the Community Bulletin Board section of the District and school websites. All materials must be approved by the district. Materials from for-profit companies do not qualify.

Organizations must:

  • Qualify as non-profit, charitable, or civic organization (UBI or Tax ID number required), and
  • Present materials of educational, civic, or cultural value, and
  • Submit materials and receive approval from the district, and
  • Include the following disclaimer on the materials:

    Lake Washington School District does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of the organizations, services, or activities described in these materials. In consideration for the privilege to distribute these materials, Lake Washington School District shall be held harmless from any causes of action filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney's fees, judgments, or awards.

The district cannot approve the distribution of any material that:

  • Contains words, images, or symbols that are lewd, obscene, vulgar or sexual in nature;
  • Advocates for a specific political issue or viewpoint;
  • Contains language that is proselytizing in nature;
  • Substantially disrupts, or may reasonably be forecast to substantially disrupt or materially interfere with, the educational process or School District activities;
  • Undermines the School District’s curriculum;
  • Advocates or promotes the violation of existing laws, regulations, or ordinances, or official School District policies, rules or regulations, or poses a substantial risk of causing a violation of the same through the flier’s distribution;
  • Places the School District in a non-neutral position with respect to a matter of controversy in relation to which the School District wishes to remain neutral;
  • Contains commercial taglines, logos, advertisements or other promotional material of for-profit entities and commercial activities except for a limited placement of logo(s) of event or program sponsor(s); or,
  • Does not prominently display on the first page the disclaimer set out above.

Printed Copies
Schools may accept a limited quantity of paper copies of the announcement or flier to make available at the school itself, usually in or near the school office. Each school has designated the number of paper copies to deliver to their school office. It is the responsibility of the nonprofit to get the copies to the school.

Some schools also offer parents the choice of whether they want to get information on paper or electronically: these schools may request a higher number of paper copies so that paper versions can be delivered to those parents who get paper copies of the school newsletter. Those parents who receive the electronic version of the school newsletter will find a link to the flier in the school newsletter.

Upon approval of your flier, you will receive the list of schools and the number of paper copies they need.

Submitting a Flier Distribution Request
Organizations must complete the online Flier Distribution Request Form, which includes uploading a copy of their flier in one of the following file formats: PDF, JPEG, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Publisher. To upload, enter the username as lwsd\Flier and the password as Request! (case sensitive). If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact Chris Robison at: (425) 936-1270.

Approval takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please submit your flier at least a week in advance of the date that you would like to receive approval.

You will be notified when your flier has been approved. Your flier will be added to the Community Fliers section of the school and District website. In addition, you will be asked to submit a specific number of flier copies to each school, to be placed in their school offices for students to pick-up on their own, or to be distributed to students who do not wish to find this information electronically.


Please note: The community flier upload works best with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9. When possible please use those browsers to upload community fliers.


The flier upload process is not compatible with Internet Explorer version 10 or the 64-bit version of Office. Do not attempt to upload your form when using IE 10 or Office 64-bit. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer and the 32-bit version of Office are compatible.

Some organizations simply want a poster to be hung on a community bulletin board at school, which is often available at high schools. Posters to be hung in schools are handled at the school itself. Posters must meet the same criteria as fliers to be eligible for school / community bulletin boards. Poster requests are handled by the school principal.

Materials for teachers and staff
The district does not approve promotional materials targeted at teachers. It is up to the school principal or administrator to allow distribution of fliers to teachers or in school staff lounges.

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Flier Distribution Request Form
Username = lwsd\Flier
Password = Request! (case sensitive)

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