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Contacting the School Board
Communicate with school board members directly by email, letter, phone or direct testimony

Citizens are welcome to bring a topic or issue to the attention of the school board. There are three primary ways to do so:

The board also regularly convenes focus groups to learn more about community experiences with the school district.

Write to the school board
You can write a letter or an email to the board to raise a particular topic or bring an issue to their attention. You may address the letter to individual board members or send one letter to the board as a whole. Copies will be forwarded to all members.

Use this mailing address:
Lake Washington School District
PO Box 97039
Redmond, WA 98073-9739

If you would like to correspond with board members via email, here are their email addresses:

Christopher Carlson, President
Siri Bliesner, Vice President
Nancy Bernard
Eric Laliberte
Mark Stuart
All Board Members

Telephone board members

You may want to call a board member directly to leave a short message. Call 425-936-1257  to leave messages for the school board.


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