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Public's Right to Know
File: KBA

Accessibility of Records

The board believes that providing and sharing official district information with the staff, the public, and other public agencies is of mutual benefit and ensures that the district shall comply fully with the provisions of all applicable statutes of the State of Washington regarding accessibility to those school district records and documents which are legally open for public inspection.

The board reserves the right to refuse access to confidential information in students' files, employees' personnel files, confidential memoranda within management, and confidential communications regarding the strategy and parameters in negotiations with employees. Also included in this restriction are the informal interim agreements arrived at by negotiators prior to the conclusion of the negotiations process and negotiations involving acquisition and purchase of real estate.

It is understood that certain documents, the release of which might constitute an invasion of privacy, shall be considered personal and private, and shall not be released except upon advice by counsel or by court order.

Procedures for implementing this policy shall be administered by the superintendent or designee.



RCW 41.17.25O through 41.17.450
RCW 42.17, generally
WAC 180-10, generally
WAC 180-52-025
SB 5143

School District Annual Report (CM)
Public's Right to Know (KBA-R)

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