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Rental and Lease of District Property
File: DFD

When district real property is not needed, the board authorizes the superintendent or his / her designee to rent or lease any surplus real property, provided that agreements to lease surplus property shall not exceed one year. Lease terms of surplus property in excess of one year shall be approved by the Board of Directors. A written notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the school district for rentals or leases totaling ten thousand dollars or more in value. Property shall not be rented or leased for at least forty-five days following the publication of such notice. Rental of district property shall be on a non-discriminatory basis within classes of users.

Such property shall be rented or leased for lawful purposes. The rental or lease shall be in the best interests of the district and shall not interfere with the conduct of the district's educational program and related activities. Lease agreements shall include a provision that permits the recapture of leased surplus property should the property be needed for school purposes in the future. Proceeds from rental or lease of district property shall be deposited in accordance with applicable law.

Current practice codified 1988



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