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Donations from Private Sources
File: DFC-R

Gifts, Donations and Bequests

Any donations presented to the school district must be accompanied by a letter from the donor for official action and recognition by the superintendent/designee or the board.

All gifts, donations and bequests shall become school district property. All donors shall be informed that the intent of the school district is to allocate all donations to respective schools to which donated.

To be acceptable, a gift must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Have a purpose consistent with those of the district,

  2. Not begin a program which the board would be unwilling to take over when gift or donation funds are exhausted,

  3. Not be inappropriate or harmful to the best education of pupils,

  4. Not be in conflict with any provision of the school code or public law and

  5. Not be used to supplement staffing during the school day or to fund district-provided stipends. Donations may be used to fund stipends to support extracurricular clubs and/or activities not funded by the district and must be paid in accordance with district negotiated agreements through district payroll.

A letter of appreciation signed by the superintendent of schools shall be sent to a donor.



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