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Superintendent's Message
January 2015

Happy New Year! In addition to celebrating the New Year, each January our district celebrates the Lake Washington School District Board of Directors for their important contributions to our district and our community. Governor Jay Inslee has officially declared January as School Board Recognition month. We join with other districts across the state in formally recognizing our School Board for their service.

Here are a few important facts about our district’s School Board:

  • Board members are elected officials
  • Board members are elected by voters from  the entire district
  • Board members receive no pay for their service
  • Board members are elected for four-year terms
  • Most of our Board members have served for multiple terms
  • Collectively our five Board members have served the district for nearly 49 years!

Our School Board plays a critical role in representing the community and in leading the district. The Board governs our district through “Policy Governance.” Policy Governance is a framework for organizational leadership whereby the Board establishes and monitors organizational performance through the following governance policies:

  1. Governance Process (GPs): these policies define how the Board will govern itself and conduct business as a governing  body
  2. Board CEO Relationship (BCRs): these policies describe the delegation of authority for organizational management to the superintendent
  3. Executive Limitations (ELs): these policies set limits and boundaries for achieving organizational and student outcomes
  4. End Results (ERs): these policies define desired outcomes for our students based on their educational experience in our district

The Lake Washington School District Board of Directors generally meets twice every month to conduct district business. School Board Study Sessions provide the Board the opportunity to study topics in depth. At School Board Meetings, Board Members review formal organizational reports (ELs and ERs), take action by voting on key policy issues, listen to community members during public comment, and recognize staff and students for key accomplishments.

As superintendent I am very fortunate to partner with such a dedicated, professional, and hard-working Board of Directors. Our Board Members truly care about our district, our students, and the communities they serve. Please join me this month in thanking our School Board for being outstanding champions for children and public education!


Dr. Traci Pierce
Lake Washington School District


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